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Antennae – animal cartoon

2012 April 8
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The free online journal Antennae. The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture that is edited by Giovanni Aloi has a special issue later this year on animals in advertising. I have submitted a piece on an advert I have come across during the Second World in the magazine  the Tail Wagger.  The Tail- Waggers Club had been founded in 1928 to promote dog welfare stating,‘The love of animals, and especially of dogs, is inherent in nearly all Britishers’ and by 1930 numbered some 300,000 members.

I have written about an advert for vitamin tablets for nervous dogs that is being advertised by cartoon bull dogs. It explores how we are supposed to read the advert and argues that the particular animal human relationship was of a particular time and place.


cover of tailwaggers

The Tail-wagger July 1941

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