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Finding a man and his horse in the archives? Exploring an historian’s dream

2014 November 1

Rotten Row horse

While I am in Australia later this month I will be giving various talks. This one is in Sydney at UTS Shopfront meeting room, Level 16, Building 1 (The Tower),15 Broadway, Ultimo, NSW 2006.

This talk is about engaging with the diaries of a man I knew nothing about other than through his diaries from 1937-1950. Every day he rode his horse in London, including during the Second World War, and wrote about riding, his relationship with his horse, his advertising business, food, sculpting, the progress of the war and much more. So how might an historian approach such material? And what do the diaries tell us? And about who?

It is on Monday 24 November 5 – 6.30

It is free but you need to reserve a place in advance by emailing Paul[dot]Ashton[at]uts[dot]edu[dot]au.

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  1. Mike Clack permalink
    February 20, 2015


    My father worked at Holman Advertising 1940-1958 (apart from war service 1943-45). Lawrance Holman was his great mentor and I have a painting which Lawrance did from the 30s which he gave to my father.
    I am trying to track a cutting of an old advertisement from a client Holman advertising had during the war years. My father was in the RAF and sent back a photo of himself smoking a pipe to his boss. He thought it was so good, he got an illustrator to make a drawing and it was used in one of Holman’s clients’ advertisements – a pipe tobacco company.
    I think I have a photo of Lawrence riding in Hyde Park – not found it yet though.
    Could you contact me?
    Mike Clack

    • Hilda Kean permalink
      February 23, 2015

      There were various advertising contracts around tobacco including Craven A and Carreras. The latter was based in Camden, near Mornington Crescent for many years.
      I too have been looking for advertising images emanating from Holman’s firm – these included Angostura bitters, Don Garcia and also Wrights biscuits.

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