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2012 May 10

In these pages you will find potted blurbs of most of the many articles I have written on a wide range of topics including animals, statues, public history, reading, labour movement festivals, silk weavers and London.Although this might appear eclectic to some conventional historians in fact the articles  have many themes in common. Many focus upon the process by which the past, including people’s experiences, becomes transformed into history. Several emanate from things I have seen while wandering around London and others stem from numerous talks, lectures and presentations I have given. Although most are based on extensive archival research they often have a visual dimension to them. I am quite likely to get interested in a topic through seeing something odd in the landscape – hence the images at the top of the website.

You can find summaries of many of the articles here, particularly the entries I have written about women campaigners for animals, women teachers and suffrage campaigners for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Even in today’s bleak climate you can still usually access this for free online via a public library.

Although you never get paid for writing in academic journals you don’t get to own the copyright either. This means that I cannot automatically upload all the articles I have written onto the internet since it takes away the profit of a publisher who never paid me for my intellectual property in the first place …

However, where they are freely available I have provided links. If this is not the case I do have PDF files of most of the articles  and I am happy to send you a free copy for personal use. Simply email me :

The articles that I – and many others, of course – have written for the journal Society and Animals  of which I am now a history editor are available for free and there are direct links to the journal if you click on the title here. This is also the case for the recent issues of the annual Public History Review.You need to sign up – but it IS free.

Unfortunately I do not have PDF copies of articles I have written for books but have included details of the book so that you can try and persuade a library to buy if they are dear or even consider buying them if they are not!

There are links to some things written up after a talk, for example to VERO (Voice for Ethical Research in Oxford) or summaries written by others of talks I have given,for example, to City of Westminster Guides

You will find details of my current research and writing under the blogs  section.

You will find links to articles by clicking on the  dropdown menu on the top right. You can also use search and the tags and categories – also on the right.