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Greyfriars Bobby and ‘the brown dog’

2012 April 17
another old brown dog

The new old brown dog statue, Battersea Park, March 2012

An exploration of the sculptures of Greyfriars Bobby, Edinburgh, Scotland and the old brown dog in Battersea, South London, England

The article discusses two statues : of Greyfriars Bobby and the dog who died in experiments at UCL in 1903. It analyses the way in which these statues are different to the norm of the time and looks at why they were erected in these places and the way the places gave meaning to the statues. It also discusses way the old brown dog statue was destroyed and the ‘replacement’ statue that exists today in Battersea Park.

To download the article published in  Society and Animals Journal of Human – Animal Studies vol 11: 4, 2003, pp. 353 -373 click here: greyfriars bobby



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