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Mourning Animals – new book

2016 July 29

Mourning Animals cover

I have finally received my copy of Mourning Animals. Rituals and Practices Surrounding Animal Death edited by Margo DeMello in which I have a chapter entitled ‘Britain at War. Remembering and Forgetting the Animal Dead of the Second World War.’ Needless to say it includes some material that will be in my book on the cat and dog massacre. In particular it discusses the Dunkirk evacuation in May 1940 and notes the way in which the presence of dogs has been written out of the popular memory of this event.

There is a wide range of  interesting and readable chapters including photographic essays.

I would usually share a PDF of my chapter on this website but the publisher has refused to give these to authors:“We do not distribute PDFs. Even with enthusiastic promises from authors to be careful, it inevitably leads to unlawful distribution and occasionally leads to online piracy—the bane of all publishers.”  So, for my scholarship and photographs I merely have received one copy of the book. This seems a short-sighted action since surely giving individual authors discrete copies would result in a wider readership – and purchase of the book itself… To buy a copy please go through this link.

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