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Captions for moving images

2012 May 1

These are the captions for rotating images at the top of the page or go to the bottom of the page and click on a thumbnail to correlate caption and a specific image

Horse’s Head : Animal war memorial, Canberra, 2010

Brighton lost pier, 2011

Old street, London, restored/old frontage, 2011

Jim Anderson, a relative, posing on an unknown beach 1930s?

Anti-smoking poster, San Francisco, 1997

Stumble blocks, indicating the former presence of specific Jewish people killed in the Holocaust, in Berlin 2007

Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, after the fall of the Berlin wall and before reunification, 1990

Wreathes at the Animals and War memorial, Park Lane, London,2009

1930s Fresco at RSPCA Kilburn, London commemorating animals who died in the First World War, 2008

 Dr Salter’s Daydream, Sculpture, Bermondsey Wall East, London by Diane Gorvin, c. 1991 – now partly stolen and the rest has been  put away for safe –keeping, 2007

Carving of Simpson and his donkey, Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia, from the remains of trees planted in the 1920s to commemorate the local dead of the First World War, 2006

Rosellas in trees outside Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 2010

Map artwork (and related street signs) in Schoneberg, Berlin showing the increasing restrictions placed upon Jews in the 1930s – such as owning pets, 2010

Yellow terror – London Olympics site, Stratford, River Lea, 2011

‘This clock doesn’t work’ from the Cold War military base at Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, 2008

Gilt of Cain, anti-slavery artwork by Michael Visocchi and Lemn Sissay in Fen Court, London on the site of St Gabriel’s Church (now in parish of St Edmund the King and St Mary Woolnoth) where John Newton, former slaver and author of Amazing Grace, was rector from 1790 – 1807. 2009

Opticians sign – not from The Great Gatsby -but from the optician in Mare Street, Hackney, opposite the Hackney Triangle. It has been there for years. 2012

Mare and Foal sculpture by Arthur Jacques Le Duc, donated to Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia in 1958, 2003.

Saunton Sands surfing beach, near Croyde, Devon, 2009

Galahs, Bunker Bay, near  Margaret Bay, Western Australia,2009

The new Chancellery (Bundeskanzlerant) by Schultes, 2001, Berlin 2010

‘Groping mankind’ base of memorial to James Woodward and his family with sealion images, Ramsgate cemetery, 2009

Slogan on National Theatre, South Bank, London  2011. Still there 2012

AEG factory – arts and crafts building- now a university building, Huissitenstrasse,Berlin, 2010

The Gold Smelters sculpted by John Daymond & sons 1901, Aldersgate Street (opposite the YMCA). Unfortunately the cat has lost her head, 2007

‘Britain is great again’ poster, Dalston, London, 1987

Dilapidated tea room sign, Drury Lane, 2011 – now painted over

Graves and memorials to dogs in the Paris pet cemetery (Le Cimetiere des chiens d’Asnieres-sur-Seine) October 2011

Dustbins on bicycles, Lecce, Puglia, 1984

No animals from abroad sign, Northumberland, 1987 – how this is supposed to identify them when they are all the same size I do not know!

Oakdale not yet closed colliery in South Wales, 1985

Cat walking through the Paris pet cemetery (Le Cimetiere des chiens d’Asnieres-sur-Seine) – there are officially regulated cat ladies (and men) who feed them October 2011

View out to sea from the new Turner gallery, Margate, 2012

‘Confetti’ Sweetshop window in Sulmona, Abruzzo , Italy, 1985

Crumlin Road Jail, Belfast, 2013 Now a popular tourist destination…

Wreathes in memory of former anarchists in Carrera, 1987

Overview of Hyde Park “Pet” Cemetery, London, 2014

View of the Thames from the (still free) Woolwich Ferry, 2013

Southbank funfair glimpsed from Royal Festival Hall, 2013

There will be no miracles here .Nathan Coley’s artwork, Edinburgh Festival, 2012

Remains of “Red Vienna” social housing from the 1920s, 2013

Fulfilling – breakfast?! Caff at High Beech, Epping Forest, c.2012

One of the controversial extant flack towers in Vienna,2013

Life returns to Ireland. Interesting wording at the Ulster Museum, 2013

Artwork in the Spirited exhibition at National Museum of Australia, Canberra, 2014

From Ranye Hoff’s carved granite frieze at the ANZAC War Memorial in Sydney’s Hyde Park c. 2010

Martin Creed’s Scotsman Steps, Edinburgh, 2012

Rye Harbour, 2015

Not really a cemetery for soldiers’ dogs in Edinburgh Castle, but those of officers, 2012

A response to gentrification? Belfast 2013

Brothers asleep, albeit with some legs in the air, 2013


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  1. vi boorman permalink
    May 22, 2012

    Hi Hilda
    The site is terrific, thank you for sending me the link.

    I particularly like the rotating pix- are you going to upload more as time goes on? Or what about a changing gallery of themed photos? Or contributions from visitors??

    Looking forward to my next visit

    • Hilda Kean permalink
      May 22, 2012

      Thanks Vi.As you realise there are dozens of images there at present but I will re-load in the fullness of time. There are also images attached to most of the pieces about articles so there will be a regular new supply of photos.
      A current contribution from a ‘visitor’ is the image from Felicity Harvest of the notice to be aware of squirrels taken in the Isle of Wight
      You will have seen the horse and foal sculptures no doubt – not in England but Sydney! Hilda

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