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Public History: Raphael Samuel

2012 March 16
Ironbridge trip

Raphael Samuel, me and History students in visit to Ironbridge 1994


Public history and Raphael Samuel

This article emanated from my interest in Raphael Samuel’s educational philosophy. I had taught with Raphael at Ruskin College Oxford before his untimely death in 1996. His work on heritage and historiography was being remembered but it seemed to me that his pedagogic practice, encouraging students to undertake their own research and draw on their life experience, was being forgotten. This was important, I felt, given the way in which history teaching in higher education was being increasingly categorised and circumscribed into measurable outcomes. It also coincided with a time at  the College  in which there were attempts to stop first year undergraduates doing projects on the grounds of it being too difficult for them – and outside the national curriculum framework for HE. In 2011 such History students were still successfully undertaking a 10,000 dissertation after one year of study…

Public history and Raphael Samuel: a forgotten radical pedagogy?

Public History Review 11( Professional Historians Association, New South Wales, Australia), 2004 , pp.51 -62.

Click here to  download a PDF of the article:    pedagogy and raphael

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