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Women campaigners for animals

2012 March 15

Women Campaigners for animals

Women in Britain were – and still are – to the forefront in campaigns against animal cruelty. Leading campaigners today including Wendy Valentine, founder of the Hillside Sanctuary or Joyce de Silva, advocate of Compassion in World Farming. This is not new. The founder of the Battersea Dogs Home, for example, was a woman, Mary Tealby, and much of the campaigning  today against testing of cosmetics on animals has its origins in the pioneering work of Muriel Dowding. Below you can find potted accounts of some of them. These are partly drawn from my contributions to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Although I was commissioned to write the account of Louise Lind af Hageby this was not included apparently because another contributor had already been commissioned and there was a mix up. If you compare this version with the ‘official one’ you will see I offer a more sympathetic stance…The Oxford DNB  is often available for free online from a public library.

Click on these names for accounts of : Louise Lind af Hageby, Gertrude Colmore, Muriel Dowding, Alice DrakoulesMary Tealby

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