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Feminists and Socialists oppose vivisection

2012 March 15
cover of shambles

The censored fifth edition of this notorious work


The Smooth Cool Men of Science: The Feminist and Socialist Response to Vivisection

I wrote this article initially in response to a piece in the History Workshop Journal that overlooked nineteenth century campaigns against vivisection. It explores the way in which anti-vivisection was an important aspect of the campaigns of socialists, feminists and even early Marxists.

History Workshop Journal 40 Autumn 1995, pp. 16 – 38

Email me if you would like a PDF for personal use:

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  1. Anthony Walker permalink
    April 16, 2013

    Hello. Please could I have a free text of the vivisection article?
    I am a socialist and an antivivisectionist, and am greatly dismayed by today`s socialist support of vivisection. A socialist party I once belonged to had its strongest base in Battersea during the Brown Dog Riots, which its journal totally ignored (!)…

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