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Thinking about people and public history

2012 April 16
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Personal pasts do not necessarily go away...

Thinking about People and Public History,2012

This article draws on ideas discussed in the introduction to the People and their Pasts book. It  explores ways in which participatory histories might be developed. It is published alongside other papers from Dorothy Sheridan, Andrew Flinn, Margaretta Jolly and Carrie Hamilton in a new series emanating from the Centre for Research in Memory, Narrative and Histories at the University of Brighton. The papers arose from a conference organised at the university a few years ago.

Memory, Narrative and Histories: Critical Debates and New Trajectories   no. 1 in the new series of  ‘Working Papers on Memory, Narrative and Histories’   University of Brighton, 2012  ed Graham Dawson The series has these ISSN numbers –  Print ISSN 2045-8290 and Online ISSN 2045-8304 and should be available shortly from the Centre.

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  1. Brian Edwards permalink
    May 25, 2012

    Yesterday I turned the kettle on prior to viewing this site, then found the water in the kettle stone cold. Today I made a cuppa before clicking on ‘public history’…

    Next time I shall first consume my cup of tea!

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