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Writing Animal-Human History

2012 July 14



Advert for exhibition outside National Army Museum, London, November 2011

In this article I explore some of the challenges for historians attempting to write animal- human history. I discuss some of the recent debates in Animal Studies particularly  approaches to agency, representation and the materials for writing history.

I consider the example of Trim, the cat who navigated part of Australia with Matthew Flinders, to analyse the extent to which the account of his life can be dismissed as ‘only’ a human representation. I suggest we can find ‘feline traces’ within the material. I also analyse a recent interesting exhibition at the National Army Museum on horses in war (arising from the release of the Spielberg film War Horse).

Please click on the title  to read a  PDF for personal use   challenges for historians writing animal human history   .


Anthrozoos  vol 25: supplement ‘Issues in Anthrozoology’, pp. s57 -s72


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