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Articles in online exhibition ‘be kind: a Visual History of Humane Education 1880 -1945’

2012 July 7
reverse badge

Reverse of badge of Animal Defence Society, 1927

The new online exhibition organised by the National Museum of Animals and Society and curated by Keri Cronin is now ‘launched’.

I have contributed an article on early humane education  in Britain, showing the religious impetus of much of this campaigning.

I have also written about 2 badges I own that are viewed within the exhibition: one of the children’s branch of the Our Dumb Friends League (now Blue Cross) and another of the Animal Defence and Anti-Vivisection Society.

As a public historian I am always interested in looking behind things (literally!) The back of this rare Animal Defence badge is illuminating since it enables a specific dating . Although the organisation was established in 1906 this dates from 1927 or later. This badge was made, as stated on the reverse, by the firm of Thomas Fattorini one of the leading badge makers with an address of Regent Street, Birmingham which location dates the badge to after 1927. Also on the reverse is the name of the organisation with its prestigious central London address of 15 St James Place, S.W.1.

Those interested in badges can find some fascinating material in Paul Martin’s key work on trade union badges. An extract from his book is included in our forthcoming Public History Reader