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Britain as a nation of animal lovers?

2012 March 20

I gave a keynote talk at the Representing Animals conference organised by Emilie Dardenne  and Sophie Mesplede at the University of Rennes in Britanny in October 2011. Although it was quite small it was a very good conference in that there was much discussion of  presentations and the opportunity for following up points from one session to the next. Although our french colleagues didn’t read it the same way it was refreshing entering into a university building with the epitaph ‘liberty,equality and fraternity’ over the entrance rather than a ‘mission statement’ or ‘ investors in people’ motif…

The contributions, including a version of this talk, ‘The  People’s War on the British Home Front: the challenge of the human-animal relationship’ are being edited by Emilie Dardenne  and Sophie Mesplede for a book entitled A Nation of Animal Lovers? Representing Human-Animal Relations in Britain  to be published by Manchester University Press in 2013.

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