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Public history group : Revealing the Rookery, St. Giles – art, artifacts and anecdotes

2011 November 5

Saturday November 5th  2011


public history group image

Jane Palm-Gold, Sian Anthony, and me

Revealing the Rookery, St. Giles – art, artifacts and anecdotes.

This was the first of the public history group sessions to take place at the Bishopsgate Institute : I had run them  since 1998 at Ruskin College, Oxford.

Jane Palm-Gold (Artist and curator) and Sian Anthony (former Senior Archaeologist at Museum of London Archaeology)
As Jane explained, ‘The recent ‘London’s Underworld Unearthed: The Secret Life of the Rookery’ exhibition in London, illustrated everyday life in the notorious St. Giles Rookery.  ‘Revealing the Rookery’ seeks to further explore the narratives presented in the exhibition, using recollections, prints and archaeology.’

The talk was presented by Jane Palm-Gold (artist and curator behind the exhibition) and Sian Anthony, former Senior Archaeologist at Museum of London Archaeology, who led the excavation into the foundations of Central Saint Giles, the site of the Rookery.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Jane’s work is that she lives in St Giles overlooking part of the former Rookery.Some of her artwork is of incidents taking place outside her flat. Her work  both draws on her own experience but also  has resonances with some of Hogarth’s images.

Check out Jane Palm-Gold’s website here

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