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The death and lives of domestic animals in Britain during WW2

2018 June 9

A dog with his owner resting in Southwark Centre

Following on from aspects of my book The Great Cat and Dog Massacre I am speaking alongside others at the Animal History Conference at King’s College, London, from 28 – 29th June.

I will explore examples of the different experiences of animals at the start of the war. This includes discussing the initial treatment of companion animals, including two dogs, a cat and a rabbit and see how they were dealt with either negatively or positively in various ways. I will also consider the experience of children and the different ways in which their animal companions were treated.

For once I’m not going to use visual images on my computer. I realise  that many people are , quite understandably, not interested in looking at the images of stricken animals. None will be shown. (Even in my book, dying cats and dogs and birds and rabbits are not within images. One above, which is in the book,is where a dog is being clearly associated with his owner.)

Book online through the Animal History Group Summer Conference at eventbrite


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