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Bees, the Victory Column, and Anselmo Fox

2018 January 25

Anselmo Fox’s fascinating work

During November  2016 I visited the Animal Lovers – for a visual as well as talked Berlin-based project – of artists and historical commentators who embarked on information  for emancipated human – animal relationships. It questioned to what extent animals were involved as agents in social processes. (I talked about animal statues in London). The visual material and writings discussed at the conference were also included in their publication, Animal Lovers,  printed by NGBK.

The animals’ were explored in the relationship between artistic work and quasi-historical features. Displayed in the shop area were fascinating images particularly from 2011 – 2016 . Here the Berlin artist Anselmo Fox photographed ‘The Victory Column’ of 1873 (located at the Groser Stern (Great Star) central square in Berlin’s Tiergarten park ).

It showed bees flying in and out of the damaged parts of the statue’s relief. It has become a flawed allegory for war, destruction and a nationalistic delusion. Importantly the bees were also photographed as they moved  – and they covered the general surface of the original column.

Perhaps I am wrong, but have yet to find similar visual images that are actually displayed from a British memorial – and over here!


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