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Matchworkers’ strike: threat to a leader’s grave NOW!

2018 January 6

Matchworkers’ image


Samantha Johnson is attempting to stop the pauper’s grave existing at Manor Park cemetery in east London. Samantha is a great grand – daughter of Sarah Dearman , nee Chapman , her great – grandmother.

Sarah Chapman was one of the leaders of the 1888 Matchgirls’ strike committee. Her pauper’s grave was only found by Samantha in early 2017, with no appropriate marking nor proper headstone. However, Manor Park is seeking to reclaim the land and to mound over the grave so that they can re-use the space. Apparently the cemetery has offered a plaque elsewhere in the cemetery but Samantha and other descendants are arguing that Chapman deserves to be remembered at the exact location of her grave.

The Change website is seeking an increase in numbers now! I’ve signed and hope other viewers of this site can go to the change website:

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