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From social construction of knowledge to the personal destruction of student historic archives at Ruskin College, Oxford

2016 March 31

Samuel tributes again

I am giving a talk on the destruction of the student archives at Ruskin College in 2012. Although accounts of this have been given in the press and online including  on the newruskinarchives website  this is the first time the topic has been discussed at an academic conference.The talk explores the nature of the response to the destruction and the coming together of “academic”,”family”and “personal” pasts in this project. The talk argues that it is an ironic example of the philosophy that Raphael Samuel developed in his pedagogy at Ruskin College and beyond.

The talk will be given at this July conference: Radical Histories/Histories of Radicalism conference and festival.The organisers, the Raphael Samuel History Centre ,write:

 “To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the death of the socialist historian Raphael  Samuel, along with the fortieth anniversary of the journal he helped to found, History Workshop Journal. A weekend of discussion, celebration and debate bringing together activists, community historians, students, teachers, writers, artists, practitioners of history, from inside and outside universities.Talks, films, screenings, theatre, song, dance, walks and talks; stands, exhibitions, caucuses, debates.

The conference takes place over three days, Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd July, at Queen Mary University of London, with a pre-conference day event at Birkbeck. Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Rd, London E1. Chargeable, registration essential.  Fee: Full price £50, Unwaged £25, Day rate £20, Unwaged £10. ” Book through this link.

Perhaps my memory of caucuses is rather different to the mood apparently envisaged by the organisers…

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