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‘Exploring the human and non-human animal relationship’ at Critical Heritage Studies conference

2014 January 15


A canine visitor to the Hyde Park animal cemetery

A canine visitor to the Hyde Park animal cemetery

The strand of papers I proposed for the Association of Critical Heritage Studies conference in Canberra in December 2014 has been accepted.

The theme is on ‘Exploring the human and non-human animal relationship’. The strand includes presentations on inter-species relationships at the National Museum of Australia; commemorating the wartime roles of animals in Canadian history and the impact of animalistic war trophies on British remembrance. Other speakers to date are Chelsea Medlock, Martha Sear, Kaitlin Wainwright, and Kirsten Wehner.

I intend to present a paper on ‘ Writing in or /and ignoring animals ? A changing animal-human relationship in critical heritage ?’ I am  hoping  to develop and bring together aspects of research in Public History as well as Animal Studies through analysis of the phenomenon of animal memorialisation – and recent challenges to this.

Individual proposals on this broad theme are welcomed and can still be submitted until June 2014 through the link above.

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